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Affirmation Venezuela participates in youth forum against corruption

Portada artuculo de AV DH premio

by Carlos Josué Freites

December 21, 2023

Affirmation Venezuela participated on December 9 in a youth forum against corruption titled “1st Youth Meeting for an Integrity Venezuela” and organized by Transparencia Venezuela. The forum was held at the Zulia María Calcaño Public Library, and brought together young people from different civil society organizations and young councilors and other representatives of the Public Power, among other people.

Among the conversations held during the day, the panel titled “How corruption weighs on the rights of the LGBTQI+ community” stood out, made up of representatives of Affirmación Venezuela, Okay,No and CODHEZ.

During it, the issue of corruption and how it hinders LGBTQI+ people’s access to public services, such as education, health and justice, was addressed. It was also noted that corruption facilitates discrimination, exclusion and violence against LGBTQI+ people, highlighting as an example the case of the 33 men from the LGBTQI+ community detained in Valencia.

We were also present at the panel titled “Youth, communication and the anti-corruption commitment” together with the representative of MedioSur and ElBusTV.

Likewise, other conversations were held in which the issue of corruption was addressed from the point of view of feminist and environmental organizations, among others.

From Affirmation Venezuela we recognize the importance of the participation of young people in the fight against corruption and in the construction of a more just and equitable society. Corruption is an obstacle to the development of LGBTQI+ people and it is necessary to work to combat it.

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