Affirmation’s First Meeting in Colombia

September 13, 2015


This past Friday, September 4, we had our first ever meeting of Affirmation in Colombia.  We were anxious and full of expectations.  We had planned the first meeting with love and enthusiasm. The Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity in Bogota provided us a room for this and future meetings, which we hope will be a success.

The hour came. We had everything ready: projector, computer, and refreshments. Gradually people arrived, happy to see our smiling faces. We began by stating how wonderful it is to see and share with friends of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and other Christian denominations who came to join us.

We started with a hymn and a prayer, during the meeting, we shared and discussed the mission, vision, values ​​and principles of Affirmation. Little by little we began asking and sharing our personal experiences, which included some broken hearts that need healing and lives that need the restorative balm of love and peace of Christ. We felt a beautiful spirit of friendship and fellowship.

We are so happy that the Lord has given the initiative of a group such as Affirmation. We needed it.  Mormons and friends from other churches are committed to contribute ideas and invite more people to come and meet with us.

We will be a group of love and support for all people who for one reason or another feel marginalized in the LDS Church or another denomination.

We know the Lord, our God will bless this great and marvelous work, for it is His. We will advance, and we will continue to work so that every day we are stronger, and so we never forget that God is our leader.

By Ricardo Sarmiento
Director, Affirmation Colombia

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