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Affirmation Chile held its 2023 national conference


by Alejandro Alcántara

April 29, 2023

The beautiful city of Concepción was the place chosen by the members of Affirmation in Chile for their 2023 national conference. It was from April 14 to 16 that the leadership of the chapter headed by Marcelo Rojas, president of Affirmation Chile held this conference, in the one that not only had fun but also enjoyed a great atmosphere of brotherhood.

During the conference several workshops and activities were held, they also received the visit of Juan Carlos Peralta who is a member of the board of directors of Affirmation International, since Marcelo Rojas and the rest of the Affirmation leaders in Chile were planning this activity they thought that in making a different conference in which the Affirmation mission was the central part.

As part of the workshops and activities of the conference, they carried out sports activities and learned about CPR, danced and shared presents. As one of the main activities of this conference, attendees visited the Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Conception.

Marcelo Madrid, member of Affirmation Chile, wrote: “Ten children of God with the same purpose; getting to know each other and making those days a great experience, each talent was different: one with the power to bring us together and take care of us, like our guide, like a father who takes care of his children; another, with the talent of helping our bodies to stay strong and remove all those bad energies with music, another of them with her sacred hands fed us with her miraculous soup. One of them, with his magical mind for Literature, made us travel through the imagination and taught us to write our own stories.

When we thought that as gay we knew everything He arrived, who is her and now he is; showing us how much can be changed if one wants to.

And when it comes to talent, the voice of one of them comes to our country to take care of our guide and delight us with his trumpet voice. another who also came from outside with his talent, small in size and great in power, a man of character and leader of leaders.

And let’s not forget our girls: a Goddess of sport and another potential leader, a girl of actions and another girl of thought. How wonderful!

My conclusion from this conference: I got something out of everyone, between songs and prayers I fed my body and my soul. Thank you, conference!”

This was the first Affirmation conference for several of the attendees who have recently joined Affirmation, as we continue to fulfill our mission of supporting Latter-day Saints who need a safe space of love and hope to be authentic as they Affirmation continues to grow in Latin America we will continue to hold more conferences in the chapters that are continuously growing.

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