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Affirmation Hires Alejandro Alcántara Carbajal as Latin America Network Coordinator

Alejandro Alcántara Carbajal

August 10, 2021

Alejandro Alcántara Carbajal

by Affirmation

Last month, Affirmation conducted a search for a qualified candidate to serve as our first-ever Latin America Network Coordinator to strengthen our ability to organize and serve LGBTQIA+ current and former Latter-day Saints in the Affirmation Latin America Area.

Dozens of candidates applied for this new part-time contractor position. After careful consideration, we’re pleased to announce the selection of Alejandro Alcántara Carbajal from Tepeji del Rio, Mexico, as the Affirmation Latin America Network Coordinator.

As Latin America Network Coordinator, Alejandro will focus on building relationships with LGBTQIA+ organizations promoting virtual and in-person events; collecting and updating vital information for members, chapters, and regions; managing social media, improving and increasing communications; and increasing visibility of Affirmation as a resource for LGBTQIA+ current and former Latter-day Saints.

Alejandro discovered Affirmation in 2014 and helped organize the Mexico Conference that same year. Ever since he’s been active in Affirmation, collaborating with regional leadership and helping to organize other activities. Since June 2020, he has served as Vice President of Affirmation Mexico.

The creation of this role to support Affirmation Latin America and the hiring of Alejandro is a critical step in improving the organization of Affirmation in the area and increasing support for Affirmation leaders there.

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