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An Invitation to Support Affirmation

Tina Richerson
Tina Richerson

June 23, 2013

Tina Richerson

Tina Richerson

With Your Help, Amazing Things Are Happening in Affirmation and the LDS LGBTQ Community 

by Tina Richerson

Dear LGBTQ Mormons and Friends:

My name is Tina Richerson, Outreach Coordinator and Vice President of Affirmation. I am writing this week to invite you to a fundraising challenge we have been given by some generous Affirmation donors.

donate_350As you may already know, our scope of work is widening as we involve straight allies along with a growing number of LGBT Mormons who are seeking information and advice on how to reconcile their sexuality with their faith. While others of our group have long understood their place in creation and become comfortable with it, all of us, whether active, inactive or ex-Mormon, appreciate the warmth and support of the friends and “family” we find in Affirmation. With your help, amazing things have happened in Affirmation and the LDS LGBTQ community. And without your support, they wouldn’t have.

With that in mind, we want to update you on our recent activities. Affirmation is:

    • Helping to increase understanding and build awareness of LGBT and Questioning (Q) individuals within Mormonism. We do this by supporting LGBT Mormon events worldwide.
    • Continually improving our online image (website, social media) to be seen as a resource for not only LGBTQ Mormons but for parents, families, friends, and church leaders. One of our most recent offerings is a packet for individuals to share with their church leaders, family members and friends.
    • Experiencing enormous growth in our global reach and receiving an overwhelming number of requests for our website and materials to be translated into a variety of languages.
    • Answering hundreds of emails, Facebook messages and phone calls to help groups and individuals reconcile their sexuality and spirituality and find a place of healing. We are holding video and phone calls with individuals and groups looking to talk to someone.
    • Sponsoring and participating in an increasing number of forums for dialogue among LGBTQ Mormons, church members and leaders, both locally and in Salt Lake City. These groups are helping to create increased understanding and build positive relationships.
    • Expecting a record number of attendees at our Annual Conference “New Frontiers” in Salt Lake City this September 13-15. To promote broader participation, conference registration is below cost at only $99, a significantly lower price than usual; and, we will provide many half scholarships to those needing financial help, including a number of college students.
    • Working closely with other like-minded groups such as Mormons Building Bridges, BYU’s USGA, LDS Family Fellowship, and Mormons for Equality, in order to provide more resources for support, awareness and outreach.

Thank you for supporting LGBT Mormons, their families, and allies in the past. In order for us to continue the growing amount of work we are doing, including expanding our international reach and offering more half scholarships to our annual conference, we are asking you to help us raise $10,000 by August 31, 2013. If we meet this challenge goal, some generous friends of Affirmation have committed to give an additional $5,000!!!

If you donate $100, $50, $25 or even $15 we can meet this goal and help fund Affirmation’s increasingly bright future, making an impact on the lives of LGBTQ Mormons, families, friends, and church leaders worldwide. Please visit our donation page to show your support today. Those who donate $25 or more can choose to also receive Affirmation membership benefits.

Visit our conference website to learn more about this year’s annual conference and to register. Receive a discount on conference when you renew your membership at the same time.

If you are looking for ways to connect with a LGBT Mormon group locally or via Facebook, want to receive our newsletters, or participate in an upcoming group teleconference with other LGBT Mormons, families and friends, please contact Todd Richardson at [email protected]. If you have an interest in being involved in international leadership team initiatives, contact Randall Thacker at [email protected].

Thank you in advance for your contribution and involvement.


Tina Richerson
Outreach & Vice President

P.S. Many employers will also match tax-deductible charitable contributions made by their employees, retirees and employees’ spouses. Contact your employer now and double or triple your impact!

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