Successful “All Are Alike” LDS Support Meeting Held in Bakersfield

June 24, 2013

Wendy Montomery with husband Tom

Wendy Montomery with husband Tom

Over 30 people attended, both members and non-members, straight and LGBT

Tom and Wendy Montgomery hosted the first “All Are Alike” LDS Support meeting in Bakersfield, California on June 9. Over 30 people attended, both members and non-members, straight and LGBT. People attended from as far away as Tehachapi (1 hour away). Wendy spoke of the Montgomery Family’s journey with their oldest son Jordan coming out in 2012. Tom spoke of the unprecedented, positive developments within the LDS Church moving in support of LGBT members. The Church website establishes a clear acknowledgement regarding choice (“individuals do not choose to have such attractions”) and sets an inclusive, loving tone toward LGBT members.

Tom commented: “One of our greatest challenges locally is connecting members with the messages on the website. The vast majority of local members are relying on the direction of Church leaders from 30-50 years ago. The current leadership of the Church has seemingly outpaced the majority of the membership on LGBT issues. With the support of the Church, the Boy Scouts have now paved the way for Jordan to receive his Eagle Scout in the next year. We never could have imagined this level of change when Jordan first came out.”

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