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Answering the Call

Alex Florence Faces of Affirmation

November 15, 2016

Alex Florence Faces of Affirmation

by Alex Florence

Five years ago this month, I began my life changing journey of transition. It has been the most incredible journey of happiness, sadness, confusion, fear, and relief. I never knew that I could have such a strong and most personal spiritual experience.

After years of struggling to allow my soul to be complete and awakened, the moment of deciding to becoming my authentic self had arrived. For me, it was kind of an “Aha!” moment, followed by jumping headfirst into a decision for top surgery, then starting testosterone six months later. From there, I had many ups of love and support from friends, a few family members and even my workplace. There were also a few downs, of not a lot of support from other family, friends and–well, let’s be honest–starting puberty at 32 again wasn’t the funnest thing, but DEFINITELY so much better than the first time around.

Through all this, I have gained more confidence than I ever knew possible. I have had the opportunity to take all the qualities that I had growing up and being socialized as female, and integrate them into the man I am becoming. I feel that my world has opened up since I have been able to open up and be my authentic self.

In the last year, after falling in love with a beautiful person who saw me as the man I am, we were able to get married and I got a chance to begin a new journey with my loving and supportive wife along with her sweet kids.

My life has changed in so many ways in the last 5 years, in so many positive ways. I believe deep down it is because of that moment of deciding to go on my journey to authenticity and answering the call of my soul.

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