A Heterosexual Jewish Rebbe’s View on the (Supposedly) Homosexual Texts in the Hebrew Bible

August 31, 2001 |

With these verses as our guide, I cannot understand why Jews cannot live with Arabs in Israel; why the so-called “Religious” cannot live with Gays and Lesbians in respect; why Americans cannot live with Central American migrant workers and other “resident aliens” in our midst.

Nebo School District

Wendy and the Lost Girls

December 31, 2000 |

by Karin Anderson England Honorable Mention in the 2000 Affirmation Writing Contest. This article was pulled from internet archives and was originally published in 2000. Some edits and updates have…

Psychiatrist with Patient

Homosexuality: A Psychiatrist’s Response to LDS Social Services

September 5, 1998 |

Jeffery R. Jensen, M.D., originally presented this paper at the 1996 Sunstone Symposium. This text comes from his paper prepared at that time, which he re-presented to us on September 5, 1998.

Pioneer Family Monument

Come, Come Ye Saints

August 24, 1997 |

As gay pioneers, we aren’t looking for a geographical place, but a philosophical place beyond the known edge of society in the frontier of the human spirit. A place where none shall come to hurt or make afraid.

Lesbian Mormon History

March 31, 1997 |

While there is ample documentation about the impact of Church policy on gay men, it is less clear to what extent women have been impacted. In general, we know very little about the experiences of LDS women who love women.

Mormones LGBTQ del Siglo XIX


Hugo Salinas En 1996 D. Michael Quinn publicó, en inglés, La dinámica entre personas del mismo sexo en los Estados Unidos en el Siglo 19: El ejemplo mormón. Este libro cuenta la historia…



As novas instruções adicionam estar num “casamento do mesmo sexo” à lista de comportamentos classificados como “apostasia” fazendo um conselho disciplinar obrigatório para todos aqueles que são legalmente casados com um membro do mesmo sexo.
A liderança da Afirmação recebeu uma enchente de reações de Mórmones LGBT, dos seus amigos e membros de família que incluem dor, sofrimento, incredulidade e confusão espiritual.