Fighting for a Place in the Sun as LGBTQ Mormons

Cristina Moraes is President of Affirmation Brazil and member of the Affirmation board of directors. Cristina has been married for 12 years to Viviane Moraes. She is a postgraduate in quality engineering and a returned missionary from the LDS Church. She acknowledges the Saviour’s atonement in her life and has self-acceptance as a lesbian. Cristina believes in the work of Affirmation as a “ransom of lives.” She totally dedicated to the principles of this work of love. This talk was given as part of the 2018 Affirmation International Conference held from July 20th to July 22nd, 2018, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Good morning. It is a great pleasure for me to be here with you. I’m very thankful for the opportunity to share with you the work that we are doing in Affirmation Brazil. All the struggle and suffering I have had to live through in my life had taught me quite a few things. In addition to making me stronger, they have taught me to accept myself for who I am.

The lesson I learned was that the sun rises every day. It as amazing as it is true. The sun does rise every day. Even when you wake up and the sky is overcast, I can assure you that the sun does rise every day. There are days we wake up in the morning missing the will to shine; however, it is our responsibility to make sure the sun is shining in our hearts and in the hearts of those around us for whom we are responsible.

Our time here has a purpose. You were born LGBT. You were born to lead and fight for this cause, and that is our privilege. We are living in an era where only the strongest of warriors are able to accomplish fabulous victories. We are here, now, aligned and determined. We have a cause to fight for and goals to reach. We, all of us, are strong, brave, and worthy. Some may have a bit more, and some a bit less, of a Mormon heritage. But we are all fighting for a place in the sun, and the sun rises every day, and every day we have an opportunity to do good.

We have for a long time been fighting our own inner struggle for self-acceptance. Encouraged by our personal achievements and in Affirmation’s principles, many of us have developed more than a thick skin. We are fully armored. We have already become powerful warriors. We are growing bigger and stronger before the world and for the world because we want to have the opportunity to prove that we are worthy and enlightened as members of the LGBT community and as members of the LGBT Mormon community.

Brazil is a very large country and we are working hard to find all LGBT Mormons who are currently living through a state of spiritual vulnerability.

Note: Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, this talk in its entirety was not live streamed or recorded.

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