Finding our Spiritual Footing

June 24, 2014

by Michael Timothy

This was my first Affirmation activity that I have attended outside of the larger gatherings. I didn’t know what to expect and came into it a little apprehensive. To give context to my experience, I need to share a little background. I have been out to my family for over 2 years. They are on their journey of acceptance but it is at a different place than where I am. In their love and concern (and meaning well) they have challenged some of my personal revelations and in so doing have thrown me into a crisis of faith. I am currently unsure of what I believe. This has been a huge struggle for me for a little while now. When I saw that the theme tonight was going to be on ‘finding your spiritual footing’ I thought it might be a good thing to go to, with everything that was going on. I’m glad I did.

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I realized that I have been struggling so much because my footing (or foundation) that I had for my whole life was gone. Everything that has been the center of and has dictated the direction of my life had just been removed. I didn’t know where to turn or what to do. I was able to finally put into words what I was experiencing. As I sat and listened to those around me share their thoughts and experiences thoughts were triggered as to things that were troubling me or things that I could try to do to help myself. Hearing from not only people my age that are navigating these experiences but also hearing from those that are a little older than me and gaining from their experiences and wisdom was great to hear. Hearing the stories shared by those that do not experience these same attractions but are there to lend their support to us on our journey gave added strength too. Knowing that there is a community and another family out there that I can turn to and get support and strength to keep going amid the trials and troubles of my life that I face gives me hope and just enough oomph to keep going and face the crap that life throws my way. I was able to arm myself with some tools to tackle some of the hard things I am dealing with thanks to the wonderful people I was able to meet and see tonight. In that I am truly grateful.

A recording of Salt Lake City’s June 22nd Affirmation FHE, “Finding our Spiritual Footing,” is provided here by the Affirmation Podcast:

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