I’ll Walk with You

May 17, 2014

logoBannerBy Kathy Carlston

These videos feature folks who share stories of their love of their LGBT family and friends in both short and long interview form. Feel free to take a look, watch as many as you’d like, and pass it along to anyone you think would find it useful.  If your friends or family are struggling to love and support you, these videos might open a door to conversation.
The “I’ll Walk with You” project team has been working on this resource for the past few months and has interviewed over 30 Mormon families so far.  If you know of Mormon folks who would like to make a video, please encourage them to do so and submit it!  Instructions are available at the web-page.
I personally felt like God guided me to be on this team of filmmakers, and am profoundly grateful to have had the opportunity to do our best to help people. Other members of our team include Daniel Parkinson and Berta Marquez, who many of you might know, as well as the amazing Kyle Howard.  You can learn about Kyle by watching the Howard Family video which features his family.  Each member of the team feels that this project is a calling, as do the incredible families that were interviewed
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