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The Swiss embassy trains members of Affirmation Venezuela

Members of Affirmation Venezuela in virtual meeting with the Swiss embassy training

by Carlos Josué Freites

October 29, 2023

Strengthening capabilities is essential for any organization that wants to be successful. By optimizing internal processes, organizations can save time and money, and better serve their beneficiaries.

That is why, from Affirmation Venezuela, we are grateful for having been selected to be part of the program “Potenciando Tu Impacto: From the Idea to Sustainability”.

The Potenciando Tu Impacto program is an initiative developed by Equilibrium Cende and sponsored by the Swiss Embassy and has the objective of supporting NGOs from Peru and Venezuela in the development of management capabilities in the areas of mapping the needs of their target population. , evaluation of the impact of their interventions and public advocacy.

The training is divided into several modules:

– Strategic planning
– Administrative and accounting management for civil society organizations.
– Projects formulation.
– Project evaluation and design of Indicators.
– Data collection.
– Fundraising and relationship with donors.
– Public advocacy and effective communication strategies.

At Affirmation Venezuela, we are confident that through what we have learned in these trainings and following the advice and techniques that we are being taught, our organization will develop new strategies to improve our ability to have a positive impact on the community.



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