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Mormon Pride: Why I March


May 31, 2015


June is Pride month in many cities throughout the world. Contingents of LGBT Mormons, family and allies will have a presence this year in Salt Lake, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Portland, Denver, Valencia (Spain), New York City, San Francisco and Seattle. Some include information booths at Pride Festivals and others include marching in the Pride parades.  See the Affirmation calendar for the most up-to-date listing of Pride events, times and locations!


Here are some of the reasons why people march:

Marching with a group of fellow Mormons in a pride parade has been one of the most moving experiences of my life. It is a way to reach a group of people who have traditionally felt marginalized within the church because of how they love. Always, in Utah and in SF, there are LDS LGBT people and those who love them, who are sobbing on the sidelines of the parade, reaching out to hug us and thanking us profusely for publicly showing support, as active members of the church. It is a way of reaching people on the outskirts, if you will, and letting them know that as disciples of Christ, we would welcome them with open arms, just as He would. Indeed that is what this activism is about. I have seen it give young gay Mormons the will to go on, to stay alive. This is why I march.

-Diane Oviatt



When I marched in my first Pride parade, holding up my sign that said, “God loves ALL His Children,” I felt amazing, like I was holding up something as precious as the Arc of the Covenant.

-Ron Raynes



This year Pride holds special meaning for me. This year is the first Pride I get to celebrate my true authentic self as a queer Trans* woman.

-Bobbee Moore


The Baxters

This will be my first time going to pride that is big enough to have a parade, and other Mormons. Last year I went to Kitsap County Pride, by myself. It was really small. This year I am doing both Portland and Seattle. I’m excited to meet some new friends, and have some new life experiences.

-Mandi Marquardt

We look forward to marching with you or seeing you at a festival booth!  See the Affirmation calendar for the most up-to-date listing of Pride events, times and locations!

Taipei Pride

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