Parents in Affirmation: Navigating Anti-LGBTQ Legislation

February 27, 2023 |

A discussion led by Neca Allgood on navigating the current anti-LGBTQ legislation happening throughout the country and how we can model and teach resilience in the face of discrimination. 

The Value of Friendship Celebrated by Affirmation Venezuela for Valentine’s Day

February 13, 2023 |

While those within Affirmation Venezuela celebrate friendship every day as an invaluable gift from our Heavenly Father, we recognize that this was a unique opportunity to celebrate this transcendent gift, as friendship is the salt of life.

Black History Month Spotlight: Mourning Loss and Honoring Life

February 5, 2023 |

As we open Black History Month – celebrated in several countries, including the United States – we mourn the death of another of our Black siblings, Tyre Nichols, at the hands of state violence. We hold our siblings of color in our hearts, minds, and arms right now, especially those in our intersectional community of Affirmation.

“Questions from the Closet” Answered at Surrey Stake Training and Devotional

February 5, 2023 |

A recent training and devotional hosted by the Surrey Stake in British Columbia, Canada, featuring Ben Schilaty and Charlie Bird, garnered some addition, some even calling it historic. Similar meetings have been happening in various stakes of the Church for quite some time, as leaders and members of the Church seek to better understand, love, and minister to LGBTQIA+ Latter-day Saints.

Utah Transgender Medical Bill: The Definition of Discrimination

February 1, 2023 |

We recognize that LGBTQ+ people are targets of hate worldwide as they seek to proclaim their most authentic version of themselves. We condemn these actions and call on leaders, parents, allies, and queer folks to join us as we defend and uphold the fundamental human rights of LGBTQ+ individuals, especially equal treatment in health care.

Dean Snelling Diary of a Gay Latter-day Saint

Dean Snelling: Diary of a (gay) Latter-day Saint

January 25, 2023 |

Snelling takes you on his over-six-decade journey of self-discovery, faith, sacrifice, loss, and affirmation, blending his memory with excerpts from letters, church talks, and other materials. Dean lives a double life, where, on the surface, he is a beloved teacher, family man, and worthy priesthood holder serving in various callings. However, below that surface is a man desperately struggling to hold it all together, seeking satisfaction in dark places and not understanding why this struggle was not being taken from him.

Monterey Park Lunar New Year Shooting: Holding Space in Time of Immense Sorrow

January 24, 2023 |

As a community, we are no strangers to this loss, and we rally around and support the Asian-American members of our queer community who these events have most impacted. We recognize the contributions of Asian Americans in defending the rights of ALL citizens and, with the same compassion, hold space for these beloved communities during their time of immense sorrow.

Personal Revelation through Prayer at the Sacred Grove

January 18, 2023 |

I did ask in my prayer if God accepted me as a gay man and if it is a sin to be gay, as I was excommunicated from the LDS Church. An overwhelming presence of the Spirit of God fell upon me. No, I didn’t have a vision or anything like that, but I did feel extremely at peace and felt a warm sweet love present.

A Magical Night to Remember

January 12, 2023 |

It was an opportunity to seal the bonds of love, brotherhood, and friendship that unites us as a family in Affirmation Venezuela. We also focused on our gratitude for the love of our Heavenly Father, who, through His mercy and wisdom, guided our steps on this path of learning, challenges, and achievements.