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Mormons March in Vegas Pride


September 30, 2013


Nearly Fifty Latter-day Saints Voice LGBT Support and Acceptance

by Hugo Salinas

Carrying signs that read, “Pro-Gay Mormon,” “Jesus Said Love Everyone—Treat them Kindly Too,” and “I am the Rainbow Sheep of My Family,” a group of nearly 50 Latter-day Saints marched in Las Vegas Pride on the evening of September 6. Luis Merino came with colorful “[Heart] 1 Another” stickers to share with everyone. The local Channel 5 news mentioned Mormons Building Bridges in their Pride coverage.


“So excited to be walking again this year with an amazing group of people I have come to know and love,” Kari Earl Short wrote on Facebook. “We are hoping to get across the message that there is room for everyone in our church, and we as members want to reach out with love and acceptance to ALL our brothers and sisters wherever they are and let them know they belong!”

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