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Randall Thacker Featured in No More Strangers

Randall Thacker
Randall Thacker

November 15, 2013

by Hugo Salinas

Affirmation President Randall Thacker wrote an article about marriage equality which has been posted on the No More Strangers blog.

“Marriage is THE civilizing act of society,” Randall writes. “No matter what their gender may be, when two people commit to care for each other during their lives, they are creating a family and fostering a stronger, more stable society. Those who say that marriage equality will have a detrimental impact on the family, society and the Church are overlooking the value that comes from pairing those who love each other together to take a solemn oath of responsibility to care for each other, for better, for worse, in sickness and in health.’”

Read the full article on the No More Strangers blog.

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