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Affirmation Seeks Latin America Network Coordinator

El Director de Operaciones informará a los tres miembros del Comité Ejecutivo.

June 23, 2021

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by Affirmation

The Latin America Network Coordinator is a contract position, hired to build and maintain relationships with LGBTQIA+ organizations within Latin America to advance the mission and objectives of the organization, under the direction and supervision of the Director of Operations (DOO) and Executive Committee (EC).

The Latin America Network Coordinator shall:

  1. Build relationships with LGBTQIA+ organizations within Latin America.
  2. Participate in the graphic design and social media reminders of web-based and in-person Affirmation events in Latin America.
  3. Compile a census of Affirmation in Latin America for each of the countries in which there is an Affirmation chapter.
  4. Present a proposal to the EC and DOO that involves management goals of various social networks.
  5. Manage, moderate, monitor, and ensure the compliance of all Affirmation branded social media networks with the procedures and policies of Affirmation.
  6. Place official Affirmation content in Latin America social media networks.
  7. Contribute to the research and search for potential members of Affirmation in those places in which Affirmation does not have an institutional presence.
  8. Provide content on each of the Portuguese and Spanish platforms.
  9. Report on work and accomplishments to the EC of Affirmation monthly. Work closely with the organization’s DOO and take direction from both the EC and the DOO.

For those interested, please view the complete contract posting for additional information and how to apply.


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