Flashes of Multicolored Love in the Family

June 30, 2021

Aff Venezuela Activity

Front right to left: Yris Ruiz, Guillermo Pirela and Marcial Fuenmayor. Back from right to left: Karim Williams, Rafael Nieves and Nerguis “Cheíto” Rodríguez.

by Marcial Fuenmayor Parra

First Face-to-Face Meeting of Affirmation Venezuela

In celebration of Pride Month, Affirmation Venezuela held its first face-to-face activity on June 27th in Maracaibo with some of its pioneer members. Family therapist and women’s rights activist Yris Ruiz spoke on the importance of family acceptance. Together, we enjoyed an atmosphere full of love, communication, and joy as well as a delicious gastronomic snack.

This was a hybrid in-person and virtual event, with members from Affirmation chapters in Colombia, Peru, Mexico, and Brazil participating. They uplifted us by contributing their valuable stories, life experiences, and spiritual knowledge to the discussion. It was outstanding. The main emphasis for us was the knowledge that we are all special beings loved by our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and that we must love ourselves as we are so that we can accept the love of others, including our family members, and build healthy relationships based on unconditional love.

This activity holds special spiritual value as the first in-person activity for Affirmation Venezuela. It was a beautiful step in harvesting the many blessings that God has prepared for this young chapter and for Affirmation worldwide as we seek to continue to be a light and a refuge of hope and love for our multicolored and wonderfully unique children in the family of our Heavenly Father.

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