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Help Us Fund Scholarships for Scores of Students to Attend Conference


August 17, 2014


The Affirmation Conference — to be held in Salt Lake City, September 12-15 — is the time we’ve set aside when we all gather, to connect, and to grow spiritually in a space where none need feel excluded, to find courage and to renew hope. We need each other. And Affirmation as an organization is committed to making this space as accessible as possible to everyone.  This year we are expecting a record number of college-age students to attend.  Many of these individuals are on very limited budgets and need help to attend conference.     

We invite you to give to help students like Samy Galvez, who has benefited from an Affirmation scholarship:

As a gay Mormon, it has been difficult to find a place I can call home. Relationships with my family can be very stressful at times. It is easy to feel alone at Church and feel hopeless during meetings and other daily Mormon activities. When I received the opportunity to attend the Nauvoo conference this year, it was the first time in a long time I felt at home. I was able to learn from other LGBT Mormons who showed me that there is hope for my future. I was able to interact with others who are going through the same–I heard their experiences and was strengthened in my faith and in my testimony. Through my experiences there, my life has been touched at a very personal level and I have been sustained in times of hardship. I will never forget the blessing it was for me to attend the Affirmation Conference. – Samy Galvez, President – BYU USGA

The actual cost of conference is $150/person and we are offering college-age students and those with severely limited financial resources to attend for only $50.  Some generous donors have offered to contribute $2,500 for Affirmation scholarships if we as a community can raise an additional $2,500 between now and September 1st.  Every donation you make, and every donation you can encourage and inspire others to make between now and then will count toward that total. Reach out to friends and family on Facebook, by phone, and in person, tell them why it is so important to support Affirmation, ask them to give so we can reach this goal of raising at least $5000 for scholarships.

Donate $25, $50, or $100 today at this link, or when you purchase your conference tickets at this link.

We are so grateful to be alive at this time, and called to stand in this place. We are so grateful for the love and hope we experience when we gather together as LGBT Mormons. We are so grateful for all of you!


Randall Thacker, President

John Gustav-Wrathall, Senior Vice President

Todd Richardson, Vice President

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