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2013 Annual Affirmation Conference: “New Frontiers”


March 20, 2013

logo_300To be held in Salt Lake City September 13-15

With activities and workshops specifically for parents, families, youth, friends, and church leaders, the 2013 Affirmation conference will be more fun, musical, spiritual, and educational than you can imagine! The conference will officially kick off Friday afternoon, lasting through Sunday.

Cost: This year’s conference registration fee will be only $99 or less depending on how much of the conference you plan to attend. This is a major reduction in cost from previous conferences. The Guest House rooms rent for only $99 as well, and some of these rooms accommodate up to 4 people.

Transportation: For the first time ever, you will be able to travel from the Salt Lake City airport to the conference without a taxi or a rental car: The city is expanding the light rail system to the airport, and getting to the University Guesthouse will be as simple as hopping onto the light rail and changing from the green line to the red line at the Courthouse station in downtown Salt Lake.

The Planning Committee, which includes Joshua Behn, Mark Packer, and Doug Balls, is hard at work, and we expect to open registration soon. If you have suggestions for conference speakers or events, this is the time to share them with us. Contact Doug Balls or talk with the committee in person at the April 5 social to be held in Salt Lake City.

Please make plans to join us September 13-15 in Salt Lake City for an unforgettable event. You’ll be glad you came.

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