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A Call for Your Stories: Reversal of the November 2015 Policy

Writer Computer Submit Article

April 5, 2019

Writer Computer Submit Article

by Nathan Kitchen, President of Affirmation

What a day yesterday!

Now that you have had some time to sit with the Church’s reversal of the November 5th policy, we invite you to tell your story and share your feelings. Be your authentic self. Please tell us all your stories of grief, anger, relief, sadness, happiness, confusion, whatever they may be that surrounds the April 4th announcement rescinding the policy.

Affirmation wants to use its extensive social media platform for you to share your story and amplify your voice. Please submit your stories to [email protected]. We will publish these regularly through the coming week to give us all a sense of the scope of our experiences.

As President of Affirmation, I want to be sure Affirmation does not hide you or your stories as we move forward.

This is a remembrance of the past three and a half years and an honoring of the shared experiences of our LGBTQ community.

This event belongs to all of us.


  1. Cher on April 5, 2019 at 7:03 PM

    I have written some of my rambling thoughts and rememberances. Please forgive me. I’m just really emotional and random.

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