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Affirmation Venezuela Gave One Hour for the Planet

Venezuela Earth Hour
Leaders of Affirmation Venezuela at its booth during One Hour for the Planet, 2020.

by Marcial Fuenmayor

March 28, 2022

On Saturday, March 26th, Affirmation Venezuela participated in “One Hour for the Planet,” a national event that has been held for more than fifteen years. Local and international organizations in the areas of ecology, human rights, civics, arts, and innovation are invited to participate.

During the event, Affirmation Venezuela gave a valuable hour to our beloved mother earth through actives messages of peace, love, understanding, and acceptance. We visibly demonstrated our commitment to advocate on behalf of our vulnerable community, representing sexual and gender diversity.

In Affirmation, we believe in creating spaces of peace, where all can benefit from love and understanding. Our contribution of one hour during One Hour for the Planet was a small step toward a brighter future, where all hours are hours of happiness for our planet.

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