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November 15, 2021

Affirmation Venezuela Meeting October 2021

Welcome from the Millennials group of Affirmation Venezuela.

by Marcial Fuenmayor

Sunday, October 10, 2021, was a very special day for Affirmation Venezuela. Our monthly meeting was held in Maracaibo, the western part of the chapter. The meeting was dedicated to the creation and welcoming of our Millennials affinity group.

Creating this group is vitally important to sharing Affirmation’s mission of safety, love, and hope and our being a light in the world. We’re building bridges with younger LGBTQIA+ Latter-day Saints who need the support, community, and loving guidance of their older brothers and sisters. They represent the future of Affirmation, a continuity of refuge and community where the diverse children of Our Heavenly Fathers can grow, be authentic, and recognize their value.

We have a firm conviction that our efforts will be blessed and fruitful in Affirmation Venezuela, even if they may be challenging. We hope to be instruments of and receive spiritual guidance from above so that we can better serve beloved celestial children who, every day, face great barriers in their path of learning and growth.

As we begin our efforts, this beautiful activity focused on sharing a message of love and acceptance for the young pioneers within Affirmation Venezuela. We were inspired by the words of Poelis Carrasquel, a renowned activist who is the leader of Madres Agapes Unidas, another wonderful initiative with which we are partnering.

Our meeting also included a delicious lunch and games to liven the day. We felt a deep spirit of love and brotherhood. We were motivated and encouraged to continue to build bridges of love and unity between all our LGBTQIA+ siblings and our loving Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

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