Celebrating the Flashes

December 4, 2021

by Marcial Fuenmayor

In Zulia, in northwestern Venezuela, there is a unique light phenomenon, which illuminates the whole world with its flashing. This marvel of creation is called the Catatumbo lightning. It is a storm of beautiful lightning that shines in the sky almost every night of the year. In addition to being, according to the Guinness Book of Records, the leading phenomenon of its kind worldwide, the lightning is a regenerator of the ozone layer; healing and restoring it. This creation of Our Heavenly Father, has been taken as a symbol in this region of Venezuela, being used in its flag, anthem, and coat of arms. In Affirmation Venezuela, we seek to follow the example of this beautiful lightning, to bring light to those who need it most.

That is why last November 7, the meeting of the western part of the chapter was held in Maracaibo, whose motto was: “Celebrating the flashes”. This meeting was led by José Guillermo Pirela, actor and member of Affirmation Venezuela, who shared his life experience about the power of faith and the great love of our Heavenly Father to grow and move forward, even in the most difficult and adverse circumstances.

The meeting was enlivened by the testimonies and personal experiences of the attending members, in a special and comforting spiritual atmosphere. We also enjoyed the food and delicious preparations typical of this part of the country. This activity arises as part of the monthly meetings that take place in Affirmation Venezuela which have the purpose of strengthening all its LGBTQI+ members as valuable children of the Heavenly Father, so that His light shines and expands, illuminating the world and healing the wounds of many beautiful hearts, as does the beautiful lightning of Catatumbo.

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