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Chad Anderson Discusses his Life and New Book, “Gay Mormon Dad,” on Mormon Stories

Chad Anderson, Author of Gay Mormon Dad

March 14, 2018

Chad Anderson, Author of Gay Mormon Dad

In a three-three part interview, John Dehlin of Mormon Stories talks with Chad Anderson, who is a licensed clinical social worker in Salt Lake City and has self-published a new book titled “Gay Mormon Dad.” Chad talks about growing up Mormon, his mixed-orientation marriage, faith crisis, and his life now.

Chad shares his story of growing up gay in the LDS Church and his quiet struggle to be completely obedient to God in order to change his sexual orientation. Even though he met all of the Mormon milestones including a mission, marriage, and having children, he found himself unhappy as ever. He talks about how that all changed when he decided to come out to the world and began to accept his whole self, including his sexuality. Later, Chad and John about contemporary LGBTQ events in the LDS Church, including the impact of Prop 8, the November 2015 policy, rising suicide rates among youth in Utah, and the new First Presidency’s impact on the LGBTQ community, among other things.

Watch or listen to these episodes of Mormon Stories.

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