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November 27, 2016

“I went to the Affirmation conference and realized I had found my people.”

— Jenn

“Thank you. I have Affirmation. And you know you all saved my life.… I owe my life to [Affirmation].”

— Ryan


Affirmation’s year-end fund-raising goal of $25,000 will:

  • Allow us to reduce the cost of conferences and offer scholarships, making them more accessible for youth, and others experiencing economic stress
  • Help us subsidize travel for vitally needed leadership training and organizational development
  • Help us hire paid staff to amplify the work of volunteers, improve web site maintenance and communications, and strengthen financial management and day-to-day operations.


Please donate now, at

Please take a moment to reach out to your family and friends who understand and support Affirmation’s life-saving mission building community, reclaiming faith, promoting family acceptance, and fostering a dynamic conversation within and beyond the Church about the place of LGBTQ+ people in faith communities and in the world.


Between Giving Tuesday (November 29, 2016) and the end of the year by making a contribution of any amount that you can afford, whether it is $5 or $5000 you can help us meet this goal. A large number of small donations helps show grant-makers that we have a strong, diverse donor base, so please spread the word, and invite anybody who supports our mission to help with any amount they can!


To help us meet this goal, two generous donors are offering a matching grant of $10,000 total, if we can raise an additional $10,000 in other donations. That’s a dollar for dollar match, and doubles the impact of any donation you can make.

Affirmation is saving lives.

“[Our son] was deeply impacted by Elder Nelson’s talk, texting me saying, ‘I hurt so bad I can’t breathe and it scares me to fall asleep … What do I do? I just want to leave this place and leave my life, just for a little bit.’… But then he asked if we could attend the Affirmation conference.… [At the conference our son] went from a place of confusion and torment to a place of peace, understanding and pure Christ-like love….”

— Brad

Join us in making a difference!


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