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Priesthood/Relief Society Lesson 15: “The Sacred Callings of Fathers and Mothers”


July 25, 2015

2015 Curriculum
LGBT Considerations
Priesthood/Relief Society Lesson 15:  “The Sacred Callings of Fathers and Mothers”
Approximate Scheduled Teaching Date:  Sunday, August 9, 2015

While there may not be any specific statements in this lesson that may cause concern in LGBT matters, the entire outline of the lesson is based on the duties and responsibilities of fathers and mothers.  As this is the doctrine of the church at this time, this is to be expected and should not cause undue grief to LGBT members, families, and allies.  It may be much easier to approach this lesson in such a context than to feel entirely overwhelmed.

However, the biographical section of President Benson, as well as his teachings, paint an idealistic image which may be difficult for any member to attain, even President Benson.  For many years, the Church has seen a spike in counseling visits by members to LDS Family Services following April and October  conference, because members have been overwhelmed in attaining everything expected of them.  The  chapter does not give a day-by-day picture of problems which befall all families in the church.  For example, President Benson’s own grandson was excommunicated from the church.  This is just one example of the many lessons we came to earth to learn by sad experience (D&C 121:41).  Such lessons apply to individuals, families, and the Church.

We as LGBT individuals and those of us in same-sex marriages can seek to apply the lesson’s advice on how to be better fathers and mothers in our own families.  Share your experiences as a father or a mother even though you may not be married to the opposite sex.  Help people see that there really isn’t that much that is tremendously different.

You may also want to by an ally to other diverse family roles you see in your ward.  For example, you may know of mothers who prefer and are able to earn more than than father and that we should not assume that there is anything wrong with this arrangement.  Help class members realize that more important than pre-determined roles, the bottom line is that the married couple be strongly committed to one another and to their shared values, that they put their children as top priority, that they seek to cultivate the spirit in their home, and that they daily demonstrate their love for each other and their children through consistent actions.


  1. Charlie McIntyre on August 12, 2015 at 10:52 AM

    As a Councillor and newly appointed to Adoption Panel I was delighted and proud to see two same sex couples (one male and one female) accepted as adopted parents during my first sitting as a panel member! Times they are a-changing and it is widely becoming ‘normal’ to appreciate same sex couples are able to offer the same investment in loving, educating and caring for our children. As a gay man, a returned missionary and with a continuing faith in the truthfulness of the gospel it is humbling to see people putting themselves forward and that it is being judged, by peers’, we have something of worth to offer. I am thankful for continual revelation – and hope it does catch up before long!

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