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Laurie Lee Hall Returns to Affirmation Leadership as Vice President

Laurie Lee Hall
Laurie Lee Hall

by Affirmation

February 28, 2022

Laurie Lee Hall was nominated by Affirmation President Nathan Kitchen to become the Affirmations vice president, filling the vacancy left by Rebecca Solen’s resignation on February 18th. The Affirmation Board of Directors ratified Nathan’s nomination on February 27th. Laurie will serve as Affirmatin’s vice president for the remainder of Nathan’s term as president, through the end of the year.

In making his nomination, Nathan wrote to the board, “She is a skilled executive and is committed to the mission and vision of Affirmation. Most of all, she is a remarkable person with love and understanding for all those who are navigating their personal intersection with the Church.”

Laurie’s prior service in Affirmation has included serving as a board member (2017 – 2018), serving as vice president under Carson Tueller in 2018, serving as senior vice president under Nathan Kitchen, and serving as the governance committee lead.

Responding to her nomination and ratification, Laurie wrote:

In December 2020 my term as Sr. Vice President of Affirmation came to a close. I then turned my attention to growing my architectural and real estate practices in my new home of Kentucky. But I continued to serve Affirmation and its Executive Committee by taking the lead of the Governance Committee through the updating of the Charter and Bylaws for 2021.

Now I am honored and humbled to be able to return to the Executive Committee for a third time to be Affirmation’s Vice President.

I love Nathan and Jairo Fernando with whom I’ve served before and who have continued to lead you with tirelessness.

As I return to the leadership of the oldest and largest LGBTQIA-led organization at the Queer/Latter-day Saint intersection, I renew my commitment to help each of you to define your individual journey — rather than being defined by others — including power centers to whom we may have once yielded our authority.

I pledge to join with you to each claim our authority to self-determine our orientation, identity, and spirituality, while each defining our own paths forward.

I hope to meet with you where you are and to walk a while more together with you, hearing your story and witnessing your truth.

Affirmation’s president, senior vice president, and president form the Affirmation Executive Committee and are responsible for directing the regular activities of Affirmation, function as the executive of the organization, and constitute the leadership of the board of directors. The President of Affirmation is elected every two years by Affirmation’s membership and nominates two individuals to serve with them on the executive committee as senior vice president and vice president. These nominees are then ratified by the board of directors.

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