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On LGBT Issues Nelson Cites Challenges and God’s Love

LDS First Presidency Press Conference
LDS First Presidency during press conference. Source: YouTube

January 16, 2018

LDS First Presidency Press Conference

LDS First Presidency during a press conference. Source: YouTube

by Joel McDonald

Following the announcement of Russell M. Nelson taking the reigns of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as their 17th president and his selection of Dallin H. Oaks as his first counselor and Henry B. Eyring as his second counselor, the three church leaders sat down with members of the media for a press conference. Following the sharing of their thoughts and testimony of their service and callings, they took questions from the media.

The first question asked was from Brady McCombs from the Associated Press. He asked, “How do you plan to approach LGBT issues? This has obviously been a hot-button topic for many religions in recent years.”

Nelson answered with the following:

“God loves his children, and he wants them to have joy. We know that there are challenges with the commandments of God, challenges to be worthy to enter His holy presence once we’re through with this mortal experience, and we’re trying to help people find happiness and joy in this life and prepare for their great possibilities in the world ahead. God loves His children, and we love them, and there’s a place for everyone who wishes to do so, regardless of its challenges, to be with us in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.”

Oaks added to the response:

“Surely, President, your statement of the love of God for all of his children is the pulse star for our relationship to every living person on this planet. At the same time, because of God’s love for His children, He has given us commandments, He has given us a plan to achieve the highest blessings he has for His children. And, as leaders of the church, we have the responsibility to teach love and also to teach the commandments of God and the high destination that He has prescribed for his children, all of which is embodied in the Plan of Salvation.”

Nelson then added, “So we’ve got a love and law balance here that we have to consider,” to which Oaks responded, “Yeah, the love of the Lord and the law of the Lord.”

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  1. Nancy baca on February 16, 2018 at 6:53 AM

    So where is the talk about lgbt community?

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