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Looking Upwards: 2019 Conferences in Affirmation Brazil

Tema da Conferência 2019

February 22, 2019

Another year is passing and together comes the long-awaited conferences in Brazil. This year, in particular, we have many things to be debated and talked about.

Brazil is going through a moment of change with the new government that, because it is of the extreme right, is not favorable to some causes like ours, which concerns the LGBT population, because of some public policies directed at us.

Then it will be a great opportunity for us to unite by faith and the struggle for our rights and to come to a consensus on which paths we should follow and how we should act with all of this. Of course, we will also work on our spirituality, as we have always done in every conference.

This year’s theme will be “Looking Upwards: Do not Give Up on Your Challenges, Face Them.” This theme that makes us think about all the challenges we have in our lives, how we should face them and where to get the strength we need.

You are our guest to be with us on this journey, contact the presidency of Affirmation Brazil and they will guide you the city closest to you, what the dates are and what you do to participate.


Presidency of Affirmation Brazil,

Cristina Moraes

Luiz Correa

Alexsandro Barbosa

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