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Melissa-Malcolm King Elected as the Next President of Affirmation

Melissa-Malcolm King
Headshot Courtesy of Kwonhee Bae

by Affirmation

December 4, 2022

Melissa-Malcolm King will be the next President of Affirmation: LGBTQ Mormons, Families & Friends. An election was held from November 8th through the 22nd, and the election results were certified by the Election Committee to the Executive Committee and Board of Directors on November 26th. Melissa-Malcolm’s two-year term as president begins January 1st, 2023.

Melissa-Malcolm’s service in Affirmation includes serving as a member of the International Conference Planning Committee, a leader of the People of the Global Majority affinity group, President of Affirmation Midwest, and a member of the Board of Directors.

In a statement provided when declaring their candidacy, Melissa-Malcolm wrote that they wanted to focus on “creating a broader opportunity to increase leadership development among marginalized groups, raising awareness and education for intersectional experiences, with a focus on supporting transgender, BIPOC, and disabled individuals.”

“We face a world of uncertainty as Queer individuals from various intersections. Therefore, as we go out of our darkness called closets and into the light, we must make one powerful voice,” Melissa-Malcolm shared following the certification of the election results. “This voice changes policies, fights for freedom, and rebuilds humanity… one person at a time. I am proud to be a leader in an organization that continues to create a legacy of inclusion and a pathway to this authenticity.”

Melissa-Malcolm is a freelance writer and poet with ongoing publications with “Exponent II” and “InnerVision Magazine.” Their passions include teaching Special Education, supporting LGBTQ rights, and being a voice for the marginalized through her nonprofit project B.E. S.A.F.E., serving survivors of abuse and domestic violence. They also write for Utah State Utah University’s Department of Inclusion and Diversity Blog.

Nominees for Senior Vice President and Vice President

The position of president is the only elected position in Affirmation. The president nominates two vice presidents, who are approved by the board of directors. These three individuals form the executive committee responsible for conducting the day-to-day business of Affirmation, working closely with the director of operations to carry out Affirmation’s mission, vision, and strategic plan under the direction of the board of directors.

Melissa-Malcolm nominated Francisco Ruiz and Kate Mower, current members of the board of directors, to serve as senior vice president and vice president, respectively.

Francisco Ruiz, Nominee for Senior Vice President

A current member of the Affirmation Board of Directors, Francisco Ruiz has served in various roles within the organization and has been involved with other nonprofit organizations, like NeighborWorks in Salt Lake City and the Community Development Corporation in Utah. In Affirmation, Francisco served as Senior Vice President of Affirmation Mexico, Affirmation Vice President, and as a member of the Affirmation Board of Directors. Francisco was the recipient of the 2022 Affirmation Mortensen Award.

Kate Mower, Nominee for Vice President

Kate Mower

A current member of the Affirmation Board of Directors, Kate Mower previously served as a coordinator of Affirmation Los Angeles. Currently a Ph.D. student conducting research in Romania, they’ve focused on working to organize and support Affirmation Continental Europe and other LGBTQ+ organizations fostering equity and inclusion. Kate hosts a weekly podcast entitled “Called to Queer” that further gives voice to the issues facing individuals at the intersection of being a gender minority and queer.

The nominations of Francisco Ruiz and Kate Mower will be considered for approval by the Affirmation Board of Directors at their meeting on December 11th.

Learn more about Melissa-Malcolm, Francisco, and Kate’s vision for Affirmation.

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