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Members of Affirmation Colombia attend the award ceremony for the San Sebastián 2023 awards in Bogotá.

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by Affirmation

December 5, 2023

On November 29, Luis David Trujillo, who is the national leader of Affirmation Colombia, was one of the special guests of the awards committee for the 14th delivery of the San Sebastián 2023 awards; Luis attended this ceremony accompanied by members of the group, the reason is that Affirmation was nominated along with other organizations for the award for best spiritual group for the LGBTQ community in Colombia.

The San Sebastián Awards have recognized the most outstanding LGBTQ+ organizations in the country, and the nominees must meet a series of requirements, including being an organization that has a positive impact on the LGBTQ community and the public life of the country, as well They must promote rights, equality, but above all the personal development of the people they serve.

Affirmation met each of the requirements and that is why the awards committee decided to nominate Affirmation: Mormons LGBTQ, Families and Friends in the category for best social group, unfortunately another organization was the winner in this category; However, for Affirmation it has been an honor to be nominated alongside other organizations that promote the spiritual well-being of those who have been rejected and discriminated against just for the fact of being different and having a sexual orientation or gender expression different from that socially established.

Affirmation will continue its work of promoting the self-determination of LGBTQ people as people of worth to God and will continue to be a haven of safety, love and hope especially for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who identify as part of the LGBTQ community, extending their support to their family and friends to accompany them in all the challenges that come with being members of the church, we feel fortunate to have been nominated and this means that we are fulfilling our mission, we are sure that in the In the future we will receive more nominations and awards, but we believe that the best reward we can receive as an organization is that our members and friends feel loved and know how to face their challenges.

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