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New Episodes of Affirmation Podcast Released


May 14, 2014

Episodes 6 and 7 of the Affirmation Podcast have been released! Continuing from Episode 5, these two episodes feature some of what we were able to record from the 2014 Nauvoo Leadership Retreat.

Episode 6 is the recording of a testimony meeting we had in the Hall of the Seventies, which is owned by the LDS Church. Kathy conducted the meeting, which was attended by President Gibbons, the President of the Nauvoo Mission.

Episode 7 is the recording of a meeting led by Randall Thacker at the end of Parley’s Street in Nauvoo, overlooking the Mississippi River. It was a windy day, and the recording shows it, but it’s SO worth the listen.

The Affirmation Podcast is a show for, and about, LGBT Mormons, their families, friends, and allies. It is THE place to go for faith based resources for your life adventures. Share in the conversation, contribute and ENJOY the journey! Visit our website at to listen to other episodes. Mail us at [email protected], and join our public Facebook group to stay up-to-date with all of our latest releases.

Enjoy these two meetings from our Nauvoo Leadership Retreat, and stay tuned for more episodes of the Affirmation Podcast!

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