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New Job Postings: Executive Director & English-language Web Master


June 11, 2017

Recently Affirmation posted an “Operations Director” position.  After considerable discussion, the Affirmation Board has determined that the job description as originally posted needed to be broken down into a number of different jobs, including an “Executive Director,” an “Operations Manager,” and three “Web Master” positions, one for English, one for Spanish and one for Portuguese. We also decided that we need to re-open the job search, and post the Executive Director and English-language Web Master positions.


We’ve just recently hired Spanish- and Portuguese-language web masters. We will post the Operations Manager position once we’ve hired an Executive Director and English-language Web Master, and we have a better sense of what will be needed from an operations manager, whether we ought to hire an operations manager for Latin America, and whether the operations manager position or positions will be full- or part-time.


Initially, the job offers will be for one year, and the job descriptions may evolve. If you are interested, please email a letter of interest and your resume to [email protected] by midnight, Sunday, June 25, 2017, with the title of the position you are applying for in the subject line in ALL CAPS.



Strategic Plan & Budget

  • Oversee and execute the triennial strategic planning meeting with EC and Board
  • Work with the Board and Operation Director and other volunteers to develop and implement an accountability structure for the implementation of the strategic plan
  • Work with the Executive Committee, Board, Operation Director and Treasurer to develop an annual budget
  • Work closely with Board members to understand their interests, skills, abilities and ways in which you can best support the board and its strategic leadership

Public Relations

  • Work with the Executive Committee, Board, and other leaders to develop a messaging and communications strategy
  • Implement communications and messaging strategy
  • Ensure all communications are consistent with Affirmation’s messaging strategy
  • Field calls/inquiries from the media and general public and relay them to the President and/or other appropriate officers
  • Develop and maintain a current list of media contacts, and cultivate relationships with key local and national media
  • In consultation with the Executive Committee, Board and/or leadership team, draft and distribute press releases
  • Under the direction of the Executive Committee, assist in outreach efforts within the LDS and LGBT communities


  • Lead all fundraising strategies, plans, events and implementation thereof in order to raise $400k in first year  
  • Perform grant writing and develop relationships with granting organizations; (eventually hire support in this area)
  • Organize in concert with the Executive Committee and Board mid-year and year-end fundraisers and the donor dinner
  • Communicate Affirmation’s mission throughout the year and make effective use of social media to encourage ongoing donations to support the organization
  • Develop partnerships with other organizations and stakeholders that can heavily influence our ability to raise funds.  
  • Develop, nurture and maintain Major Donors
    • Set-up meetings with major donors
    • Train Board members and other members of the leadership team on how to ask for major donations
    • With Executive Committee and Board, or individually as needed, meet with major donors
    • Manage communications and follow-up, and maintain positive relationships with major donors

Membership & Group Development

  • Promote membership and participation in Affirmation by the entire LDS LGBTQIA community and its friends and partners.  Agressively seek to increase the number of membership worlwide
  • Cultivate and develop new Affirmation chapters and groups through the USA and the world.  Work with existing contacts around the world to develop new groups and then work with Country Leaders and Operations Director to ensure new groups receive necessary support.  

Volunteer & Leadership Development

  • Work with the Operations Director, Executive Committee and Board to identify and prioritize volunteer needs
  • Recruitment
    • Inspire volunteers by articulating Affirmation’s mission and vision and communicating ways that volunteers can participate in advancing that mission
    • Meet with volunteers to make sure they understand and agree to Affirmation’s mission, vision, and principles of operation
    • Identify volunteers with appropriate skills to perform needed tasks, and reach out to them to engage them
  • Leadership Development
    • Participate in leadership and volunteer training and development


  • Organize and implement promotional campaigns with support of Operations Director, Country leaders, and Webmasters/Social Media leads for conferences, retreats, firesides, socials, and other events

Other tasks as required/delegated by the President

Required Skills and Attributes:

  • Excellent written and oral communications skills; excellent diplomatic and people skills
  • Previous non-profit leadership / management experience
  • Experience working with a Board of Directors who govern the organization and will supervise your performance.
  • Strong organizational and time management skills; extremely responsive to correspondence and communications
  • Previous experience in fundraising and developing major donors.
  • Experience working with and realizing their role is beholden by multiple stakeholder groups – board, members, volunteers, and donors. A strong ability to work with diverse stakeholders in an engaging and diplomatic manner.
  • Proficiency in English and Spanish required; a working knowledge of Portuguese (and possibly other languages) preferred.
  • Experience working in a culturally competent manner with volunteers or staff located around the world, especially in Latin America, the United States and Europe.
  • Familiarity with and love for the community of LGBT Mormons, their families and allies throughout the world; and understanding of and commitment to the mission of Affirmation
  • Ability to compellingly articulate Affirmation’s mission to the world



  • Serve as the Webmaster and Editor of all online Affirmation content on English language specific sites.  Ensure website is state of the art and applying the latest best practices for online engagement.
  • Perform all technical upgrades and fixes to all Affirmation websites, providing technical support to the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking web-masters in a timely manner.
  • Ensure the regular creation of the newsletter (Affirmation Messenger), and work with volunteers to ensure new content on a bi-weekly basis.
  • Edit all publications to ensure the highest quality grammar and images are used.  
  • Serve as Social Media lead and work with volunteers to design and implement engaging, enjoyable, and uplifting social media campaigns (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram) using multiple media formats (photo, video, audio, written word) that are consistent with Affirmation’s mission and vision
  • Edit and produce videos for Affirmation LDS YouTube channel
  • Maintain photo, video, audio, graphic art libraries, and back-ups of the website
  • Perform web design for conferences and other events and initiatives 
  • Perform graphic design for online use, conferences and other events and initiatives 
  • Provide all online support for promotional campaigns for conferences, retreats, firesides, socials, and other events – creating websites, graphics, print materials, etc. for these events.

Required Skills and Attributes:

  • Previous experience with WordPress and other state of the art web design and content management tools
  • Previous experience developing and managing online content for a non-profit or for-profit organization
  • Excellent writing skills with impeccable grammar and punctuation
  • Ability to work effectively and efficiently with volunteers to obtain necessary content in a proactive and timely manner.
  • Very detail-oriented with an ability to ensure the website and other online content and social media sites only contain the highest quality of content and images.
  • Excellent time management skills, with the ability to prioritize and accomplish tasks with little supervision.
  • Ability to communicate in Spanish and Portuguese is a plus.

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