Gay student decides to be baptized

February 16, 2014 |

From the time he was young, Nicolle Huang knew he wanted to be a pilot. He also knew he was gay, but he kept that to himself.

Affirmation Ideas for Gospel Doctrine Class: Old Testament, Lesson 8: “Living Righteously in a Wicked World” (Sodom and Gomorrah)

February 15, 2014 |

Let’s all work to build bridges instead of walls with our fellow man by Richard Keys » See also: Sodom and Gomorrah: Arrogant, Overfed and Unconcerned INTRODUCTION Does anybody here have young…

Gospel Doctrine Class: Creating a Nourishing Environment

February 13, 2014 |

My favorite and most challenging calling is teaching Gospel Doctrine. Our class is a fascinating mix: single, married, straight and gay, fully to marginally active, people of several races in their twenties through their nineties.

Married Gay Mormon

February 10, 2014 |

April 3, 1996 By Mark Evans (name changed at request of author) Last week in marriage counseling I came out to my wife. This is something that I have wanted…

Love! Testimony! Service!

February 10, 2014 |

May, 1999 By Scott Singer There is no greater woe than to recall past bliss in misery. —David Leavitt, The Page Turner The first time I read Terrence McNally’s 1994 Tony…

A Former Bishop Comes Out

February 10, 2014 |

By Anonymous Affinity, 16:12 [December 1992] When I was in my late twenties, I was called to serve as Bishop of a large, culturally diverse ward. For several years, I fully…

Coming Out: My Journey

February 10, 2014 |

November, 2000 By Sean My wife and I sat in bed watching a video. It was movie night. One night a week I’d bring a home a video and we’d…

There’s More to the Story on Gay/Straight Marriages

February 10, 2014 |

“The experience of bisexuals should not be generalized to homosexuals. The latter may have no sexual attraction whatever to the opposite gender.” By Ron Schow 3 September 2006 Ron Schow…

Queer Mormons of the 19th Century

February 10, 2014 |

by Hugo Salinas In 1996 D. Michael Quinn published Same-Sex Dynamics Among Nineteenth-Century Americans: A Mormon Example. This book includes the remarkable stories of some 19th-century Mormons who developed intense same-sex friendships…