Navigating Unchartered Territory

May 31, 2014 |

Talk given by Randall Thacker May 3, 2014 on the banks of the Mississippi River: We stand today at the point of departure where the Saints left Nauvoo and went West into in many ways unknown territory. Yes, there was some charted territory and maps and things, but into an unknown future. I remember when I first came out. I was so afraid of that unknown future, and what it meant for me, my family and my faith. And I know many of you here have gone through that point in life… or maybe are going through it today.

Reporte de Actividad, “Tan Sólo Da el Siguiente Paso”

May 31, 2014 |

Al tener la oportunidad de asistir a la Reunión de Afirmación México me dejo edificado de una manera muy especial, pues además de conocer a amigos nuevos con pensamientos y expectativas iguales a los míos.

Compassionate Ministering in Our Wards and Stakes

May 25, 2014 |

When Jesus was criticized for reaching out to so-called outsiders, he responded by saying, “What man of you, having an hundred sheep, if he lose one of them, doth not leave the ninety and nine in the wilderness, and go after [the one].” As leaders, our time, vision, and outreach should really be focused on the one, which for today’s conference, represents our gay brothers and sisters.

The Affirmation LDS AIDS Memorial Quilt

May 24, 2014 |

Some were bittersweet requests, like, “Please tell me more about my uncle, father, brother, mission companion, BYU roommate…”

I Knew It, and I Knew God Knew It

May 17, 2014 |

I do not pretend to know what will happen in my future. But I do know I am living a life that meets spiritual needs congruent with the gay Mormon that I am. I do not expect special favors, or drastic changes in the Church for me to walk this path.

Why I’m Marching in Pride… And Why I Hope You’ll Join Me!

May 17, 2014 |

As I marched last year I looked around me and recognized that for many Mormons marching in a Pride parade would be a huge step out of their comfort zone, but felt impressed very strongly that this was the work of Christ—to step out of our comfort zones with unconditional love

I’ll Walk with You

May 17, 2014 |

I personally felt like God guided me to be on this team of filmmakers, and am profoundly grateful to have had the opportunity to do our best to help people

If It’s Time to Leave…

May 17, 2014 |

It continually became more painful and alienating for me to stay involved with a church that didn’t recognize me as a gay man and repeatedly left me feeling inadequate

Daily Beast Article on Being Gay at BYU

May 14, 2014 |

The Daily Beast describes what it’s like to be LGBT at BYU, including both progress made and challenges encountered.