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Second Teleconference on Healing the Self Available Online

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July 30, 2013

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Focus: Healing the Self 

 Listen to 2nd Teleconference (MP3 file, 50 MB)

It is easy to think that taking care of yourself is somehow selfish. Scriptures, talks, and cultural messages can be interpreted in a distorted way causing one to feel that if one does not serve others first, that one is somehow being disobedient. One the other hand, it is possible to take this to the other extreme and indulge in a narcissistic focus, making the body more important than your spiritual connection with your higher self, and others. To achieve a healthy balance, it may be helpful to consider the difference between being selfish (ego centric, narcissistic) and self-FULL (congruent with your higher self/the Divine within).

The panelists shared their experience and wisdom about following inner guidance in the face of external challenges. This type of honoring the self was discussed at length as it relates to living in a self-Full way. Multiple examples of these challenges were shared by each of the panelists. The panelists also responded to a caller’s question about how to honor the self when it seems doing so might hurt or dishonor family or friends. The central themes of this teleconference focus upon honoring the self as a means to cultivate inner peace.


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