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The Power of Jesus Christ to Overcome Guilt

Affirmation Venezuela June Spiritual Meeting
Affirmation Venezuela June Spiritual Meeting

by Marcial Fuenmayor

June 21, 2022

Our Savior Jesus Christ is the basis and foundation of our lives. He is our guide, comfort, refuge, and salvation. His infinite love and sacrifice free us from all the faults which we have carried on our backs, the heavy and difficult crosses to carry. Sometimes, we are our own executioners when we do not accept ourselves or when we condemn ourselves. By doing so, we fill our existence with fears, suffering, and guilt forgetting that Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father love us unconditionally.

In Affirmation, we have experienced the infinite power of our Heavenly Father and of Jesus Christ, His son, in our hearts. We have passed through individually the multiple and deeply sobering challenges. But in the midst of the diverse paths of this life, we have felt the protection, inspiration, and whispers of the Spirit, giving us the firm support to move forward, through simply saying a secret prayer, singing a hymn, or asking for His guidance and mercy with the sincerity of our souls.

We also believe that Affirmation is a space created by our Lord to include those who were excluded and to liberate and heal with His example and love all the beloved and multicolored hearts who have been wounded by pain and, above all, by the guilt inflicted by believing that we are not worthy of His great love. In honor of this truth, Affirmation Venezuela, presented on Sunday, June 12, the performance The Overcomer as part of our monthly spiritual activity. This dramatization deals with the power of the Love of Jesus Christ to release and overcome guilt and help us to heal. The theatrical activity had the creation, participation, and performance of the outstanding local actor, José Guillermo Pírela, and was premiered in a special atmosphere of brotherhood and spirituality. The piece will be shown in different activities during Pride Month Venezuela, as a light, message, and testimony for our community and the world, about the love of our Savior and His power in our lives.

This article was submitted by an Affirmation community member. The opinions expressed are wholly those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Affirmation, our leadership, or our staff. Affirmation welcomes the submission of articles by community members in accordance with our mission, which includes promoting the understanding, acceptance, and self-determination of individuals of diverse sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions, and our vision for Affirmation to be a refuge to land, heal, share, and be authentic.

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  1. Richard on July 10, 2022 at 3:42 PM

    Please video this powerful an essential message that can be share globally. I suggest a link to YouTube when the production details and editing completed. Thank you for a well written article and critical reminder that “all lives matter unto Christ.” So many lives are taken because of shame, despair and loneliness. I believe you are being divinely guided Marcial Fuenmayor in your spiritual journey to help heal those who feel hopeless and separated from a loving and merciful God. How wonderful to see your group thrive in Venezuela with productions such as “The Overcomer”. Blessings from the U.S.

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