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Two New Titles Enrich Gay Mormon Fiction


June 25, 2013

elder_petersen_250“Elder Petersen’s Mission Memories” and “Companions: Nich’ooni” 

by Hugo Salinas

Two recent titles, Elder Petersen’s Mission Memories and Companions: Nich’ooni,have recently been added to the world of gay Mormon fiction, and two Affirmation members have reviewed them especially for us.

“Jeff Laver is a good storyteller and produced a very readable book,” writes Alan Blodgett about the novella Elder Petersen’s Mission Memories. “I particularly enjoyed his mastery of the Mormon language, his depiction of missionary life and his descriptions of a gay man’s feelings and emotions. This novella is 53 pages and easy to read in one day.”

Companions: Nich’ooni is the story of two gay missionaries on a Navajo reservation in Arizona. The story “is mixed with adventure, raw truth, and irresistible love,” writes Karin Hendricks. “Based in part from Jed’s own missionary story, the characters reflect a sense of veracity yet eccentricity that made me shake my head in disbelief from time to time – until I remembered how very possible these stories of forbidden love, adventure, betrayal, and devotion really are.”

Fans of gay Mormon fiction will have another title available very soon, as University of Rochester professor Gerald S. Argetsinger, along with Johnny Townsend and Jeff Laver, prepares to publish an anthology of gay Mormon literature. Titled Latter-Gay Saints: An Anthology of Gay Mormon Fiction, the book is due out in July from Lethe Press. Argetsinger will be at the Sunstone Symposium this August to tell us more about the rich and the ever-growing world of gay Mormon fiction.

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