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Call for Nominations for Affirmation President

Olin Thomas
Olin Thomas

August 12, 2013

Olin Thomas

Olin Thomas

Candidates must submit a statement by September 13

By Olin Thomas

The annual Affirmation Conference is fast approaching and we are now accepting nominations for the position of President of Affirmation. The term of office is one year, running from January 1 to December 31. To be on the ballot, you must submit a statement of candidacy to the Editor of Affinity (Hugo Salinas) no later than the first day of the conference, which is September 13 this year. Candidates are introduced at the conference and will be given the opportunity to address the attendees, outlining their vision and goals and answering any questions. Ballots will be mailed to all current Affirmation members after the Conference and the election results announced no later than early December.

The position of President is the only elected position in Affirmation. The President appoints two vice presidents and these three people form an executive committee that conducts the business of Affirmation. Also appointed by the President are Board members, Vice Presidents, the treasurer, Affinity editor, webmaster, and a host of other volunteer positions. The person selected for President will greatly influence the performance and direction of Affirmation. The person selected for the position of executive director will greatly influence the performance and direction of Affirmation. The organization of Affirmation is being changed to help us face the challenges of changing times and needs. A Board of Directors model is being fully implemented and bylaws will be adapted to better position Affirmation to thrive in today’s society and non-profit environment. Bring your vision and passion to the effort!

Affirmation benefits when we can choose among a variety of candidates who care about moving Affirmation forward. Please do not be deterred by the responsibility of the office. Affirmation does not depend on one person alone; as many executive directors and presidents in the past have found, there are many who help. If you would like to be one of those who help Affirmation survive and flourish, consider offering yourself to help with a variety of volunteer opportunities in Affirmation. Many possible future presidents are out there, waiting for the moment they are ready to take the plunge. Grow into the role and learn about Affirmation from more experienced leaders by accepting the appointed positions first. If you are interested, talk to any member of the current Executive Committee.

If you do wish to nominate yourself for President, please send your statement as soon as possible, preferably via email to [email protected]. Only current dues-paying members can run for office. If you have questions about your membership status, please contact Olin Thomas at [email protected] or 703-864-5527. I will also be happy to answer any other questions about the election process. The candidate statements will be published in the October or November issue of Affinity.

Best Wishes to All —

Olin Thomas
Corresponding Secretary

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